ISOPOW session

in the 17th world Congress of Food Science and Technology (Montreal, Canada) 17-21 Aug. 2014

 Glass transitions, diffusion and mass transport

Chair Anne-Marie Hermansson         Co-Chair Peter Lillford



Words of remembrance for Jim Leslie and Louis Rockland. 
Peter Lillford - 10 min

 Water and structural relaxations in complex food solids.
Yrj Roos
20 min

New insights on the thermal analysis of low moisture baked foods.
Galle Roudaut and Jol Wallecan  - 20 min

Quantitative microscopy as a powerful tool to determine diffusion in porous heterogeneous food microstructures.
N. Lorn
, J. Hagman, E. Schuster, M. Rudemo, A-M. Hermansson
20 min

Novel food processing with adjusted water fraction in particulate structures.
Erich J. Windhab
, Katarina Slettengren, Silke Illmann, Pattrick Strhl
20 min