A Standing Committee of IUFoST




Twelve International Symposia on “The Properties of Water in Foods” (the so-called ISOPOW meetings) have been held since the first meeting in 1974 in University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, and the establishment of an Informal International Committee and the development of the ISOPOW label by Professor Louis Rockland and Professor George Stewart by the second ISOPOW meeting in Osaka in 1978. The ISOPOW meetings and occasional ISOPOW Practicum meetings have been held at two to four-year intervals, at various locations worldwide. The selection of the venue, host Organising Committee, and overall promotion of the ideals embodied in the ISOPOW concept has been the responsibility of various ISOPOW Committees, meeting on a regular, but ad hoc basis. To build on the proven success of the ISOPOW concept, and to place the ongoing responsibility for organising future ISOPOW Symposia onto a more secure basis the ISOPOW Central Committee has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). Within this Agreement, ISOPOW has become a Standing Committee of IUFoST, recognized as an authoritative and expert body on water relations.





1.   Name


The Organization will be known as the International Symposium on the Properties of Water hereafter referred to as ISOPOW.



2.   Membership


Membership of the ISOPOW is open to Individuals, with an interest and commitment to support and progress the objectives of ISOPOW, which will be interpreted as an interest and/or involvement in progressing the understanding of the properties of water in food and related biological systems, and furthermore, the exploitation of this understanding in improved raw materials, products and processes in the food, agrofood or related bio-industries. Current members will be considered as those who have attended previous ISOPOW Symposia or Practica.



3.   Objects


The primary object of ISOPOW is the promotion of the ISOPOW Symposia Series and the establishment of the principles on which these are organised, in particular when, where, by whom and how. The Principal Responsibility for the achievement of the objects of ISOPOW will be vested in an “Executive Group” of the “CENTRAL COMMITTEE”.





4   Membership of the Central Committee


The membership of the Central Committee shall be comprised of a balanced representation of nationalities, academia and industry reflecting the ideals of ISOPOW.


The Central Committee may offer its membership by invitation to a member of ISOPOW.


Members of the Central Committee are members of the Executive Group, Honorary members and Corresponding members.



4.1   Current (August 2013) Membership of the Central Committee


The membership of the Central Committee is attached as appendix 1.



4.2   Central Committee Sub-Committees


The Central Committee may set up Sub-Committees for any purpose consistent with these Articles and specify their nature and purpose. In particular, the Executive Group on the behalf of the Central Committee will award honorary memberships and identify “corresponding members” from various geographic regions, who will disseminate information concerning matters of scientific relevance to ISOPOW.



4.3   The Officers and Executive Group of the Central Committee/ISOPOW


The Central Committee of ISOPOW shall have an Executive Group and as its Principal Officers a President and a Secretary. The Officers of the Central Committee shall be elected by the full membership of the Central Committee by consensus, or should consensus not be achieved, by a simple majority vote. No candidate for a particular Office shall be allowed to vote in the election process for that Office.


The Executive Group will comprise of the President (Chair), the Secretary, Vice Chair and Advisor (Organiser or Nominee of the most recent ISOPOW Symposium). The Organiser (or Nominee) of the following ISOPOW Symposium will act as Vice Chair of the Executive Group. A retired Executive Group member shall be invited to Honorary membership.



4.4   Meetings of the Executive Group of the Central Committee


The global distribution of the membership of the ISOPOW Central Committee makes it difficult to schedule Central Committee meetings at which a full attendance can be expected. However, full Executive Group meetings will be scheduled to coincide with all ISOPOW Symposia meetings. Full attendance of the Executive Group members is anticipated. To ensure that the necessary ongoing business of ISOPOW can be progressed between scheduled ISOPOW Symposia meetings of the Executive Group may be called by the President of ISOPOW. AD HOC MEETINGS of ISOPOW Central Committee called by the President where (a) the President or Vice Chair; and (b) not less that two (2) additional members of the ISOPOW Central Committee are also present may make, and only make, ISOPOW RECOMMENDATIONS. Such recommendations can only be ratified and become ISOPOW BINDING RECOMMENDATIONS when voted upon by the full ISOPOW Central Committee. When necessary, such recommended ratification can be obtained by the President via mail communication with all members of Central Committee.




4.5   ISOPOW International Organizing Committee


The main function of ISOPOW (i.e. organisation of ISOPOW Symposia) shall be entrusted by the President and Executive Group to an International Organising Committee whose membership shall exist only for the purpose of organizing the relevant ISOPOW Symposium. This International Organising Committee must include at least one Executive Group member.



5.   Financial Aspects


5.1   Status


ISOPOW shall be a non-profit making Association, run by the Executive Group on behalf of the collective membership.

Membership of ISOPOW will not incur membership dues such as an annual subscription. The financial resources necessary to enable the Officers of ISOPOW to carry out their duties will be generated by gifts, donations, bequests by Individual or Corporate Members, and by a sum not exceeding one hundred ($100) U.S. dollars being added to the Registration fee for each ISOPOW Symposium.



5.2   ISOPOW Central Bank Account


An interest-bearing account, the ISOPOW Account, will be established within IUFoST to hold the funds of the ISOPOW. Two signatures will be required on all ISOPOW Central Account cheques one of which will be a nominated IUFoST official and the other either the President or Secretary of ISOPOW.


The SECRETARY shall be responsible for maintaining good, accurate and auditable records of the financial situation of ISOPOW as per the ISOPOW Bank Account. The Secretary will prepare, and circulate, a full CURRENT FINANCIAL STATUS of ISOPOW at any time if, and as, requested by the President of ISOPOW.


For each formal meeting of the Executive Group the Secretary will produce and distribute an ISOPOW CURRENT FINANCIAL STATEMENT.


Any expenses properly incurred by the Secretary (e.g. postage) or other ISOPOW Officers will - after authorisation by the President or Secretary be chargeable to the International ISOPOW Account. Any financial transactions involving ISOPOW funds, in an amount equivalent to fifty (50) US Dollars or greater will require the Secretary to seek prior authorization by the President.



6.   Rules for the Organization of ISOPOW Symposia


6.1   When


ISOPOW Symposia shall normally be held every four years or at other times, and with other meeting styles, (e.g. ISOPOW Practicums or local Workshops) as agreed by the Executive Group.



6.2   Where


An offer from an ISOPOW member to host an ISOPOW Symposium shall be made to the President or Secretary who shall convey it to the Executive Group in a timely manner.


Such an offer to host an ISOPOW Symposium should normally be conveyed to the President or Secretary not less than one year before the next ISOPOW Symposium. Prospective hosts for ISOPOW Symposia should plan on a four (4) year lead-time, to enable the high standard and prestige of ISOPOW Symposia to be maintained.


Decisions on the location of future ISOPOW Symposia shall be discussed and agreed only in consultation with ISOPOW Central Committee by the Executive Group. Every effort will be made by the Executive Group to announce the appropriate timing and location for future ISOPOW Symposia during the preceding Symposium.



6.3   By Whom


The organization of an ISOPOW Symposium shall be the primary responsibility of the host organization selected provided that it shall set up an International Organising Committee adequately representative of the range of members’ interests, and shall regularly consult and inform it on all non-domestic matters concerning the proposed ISOPOW Symposium. An ad hoc Local Organising Committee, responsible for the administration of events, and the representation of local Scientific interests in agreement with the Executive Group is also recommended.



6.4   Finance


The financial aspects of a specific ISOPOW Symposium shall be the primary responsibility of the local organizers, provided that they make arrangements for the collection and transfer to the ISOPOW account of that part of the registration fee earmarked in accordance with Article 5.1, and any other profits generated by attendance at meetings, publication of Proceedings or other publication approved by the Executive Group.

Whenever possible, Executive Group will release a portion of its account to facilitate start up of approved meetings. This payment should be regarded as a loan, and all meetings should aim to be self-financing, including the repayment of this loan.



7.   Commencement


These articles shall be in operation from 1 September 2013.


Updated by Peter Lillford (Immediate Past President)--Oct 2004


Updated by Yrjö H. Roos – Aug 2013